Love From The Sidelines

Usually while doing a senior session there is a parent on the sidelines. I love watching them! Said parental figure is usually slightly frazzled, holding multiple outfits, asking 100 questions and trying to hold it all together. You know, like they are used to doing every other hour of the day!

However, it’s funny at these sessions how the emotion tends to shift at some point and love begins leaking out. It’s when I catch a glimpse of this raw emotion where you can see this momma or dad not just seeing their soon to be graduate but remembering the precocious toddler, kissing “boo boos”, family vacations, the “I hate you” era, birthday parties, kindergarten round-up and wondering, how the heck did we get here?? Here - to where MY BABY is having their senior pictures taken?! It’s in that precious moment where I, as just the photographer, am privileged to watch a parents heart literally grow bigger by the expansion of love for this child (er adult). Hang in there mommas, this season is hard, awesome, infuriating, happy and oh so full!! I am blessed to be invited into these moments and treasure my time behind the camera, the walks along the way, listening to the stories and dreams and everything in between! Thank you for inviting me to join you. And as one who just sent her oldest to college in California (gulp) let me tell you, YOU GOT THIS! Enjoy every second, take lots of deep breaths, cry all the tears necessary and keep love, love LOVING on your senior. Because even though they seem all old and capable, they still need you!

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